As for Tea, she isn't very hard, but she likes to manipulate her monsters' power levels by using hoshingen,winged trumpeter, and silver bow and arrow. She also likes to use Soul of the pure.

Tea's map isnt important, but there are a few mountains, a few meadows, and the rest is all normal.

To defeat her, i have only one strategy, change the map to your terrain(s), and with your field bonuses, you should at least have a monster with 4000 or higher attack after being powered up, and you can double move.

Tea's Deck

1-  Ansatsu
2-  Amazon Of The Sea
3-  Beautiful Beast Trainer
4-  Blocker
5-  Creature Swap
6-  Dark Prisoner
7-  Deepsea Shark
8-  Fairy Meteor Crush
9-  Fire Kraken
10- Garoozis
11- Gate Keeper
12- Giant Turtle Who Feeds On Flames
13- Gaurdian Of The Throne Room
14- Kanan The Sowrdsmistress
15- Leogun
16- Lord Of The Lamp
17- Mabarrel 
18- Madjinn Gunn
19- Misairezame
20- Monster Egg
21- Mysterios Puppeteer
22- Mystery Hand
23- Neo The Magic Swordsman
24- Pale Beast
25- Patrician Of Darkness
26- Resurection Of Chakra
27- Rude Kaiser
28- Sleeping Lion
29- Sorcerer Of The Doomed
30- Spike Clubber
31- The Drdek
32- The Illusory Gentleman
33- Togex
34- Two-Mouth Darkruler
35- Uraby
36- Versago The Destroyer
37- Versago The Destroyer
39- Warrior Of Tradition
40- Wicked Mirror