To figure up Deck Cost, first, you add the attack and defense values. We will take Skull Knight as our first example.
Th SkullKnight

Skull Knight

Skull Knight's attack is twenty-six fifty, so add it to its defense, twenty-two fifty, to get forty-nine hundred, divide by one hundred, and shabam! Your finished because he has no effect(s)! Skull Knight's Deck Cost is indeed forty-nine.

Now lets try an effect monster such as Seiyaryu
Th SeiyaryuyugiohParallelDDS-004MINT


, he has no effect on this example I don't believe, but he does in Yu-gi-oh DOR. His attack is twenty-five hundred, so add twenty-three hundred and twenty-five hundred to get forty-eight hundred, now divide by one hundred for forty-eight. We would usually be finished now, but since he has an effect, we add five to his total. Forty-eight plus five equals fifty-three. Seiyaryu's Deck Cost is fifty-three.

Th SlateWarrioryugiohparallelWC4-003MI

Slate Warrior

Now, we will talk about immortal monsters. Every immortal monster has Two effects, one worth Ten DC, and an effect that makes crush terrain when destroyed in battle. Let's begin, Slate Warrior's attack is nineteen hundred, and his defense is four hundred, so that's twenty-three hundred. Divide by one hundred to get twenty-three. Twenty-three plus fifteen (Ten plus five, on effects) equals thirty-eight, so Slate Warrior's Deck Cost is thirty-eight.

Now you know more about DC than alot of people who have played this game, but if I made any errors, please tell me and I will correct it. (You may correct Gramatical errors yourself.)

Polarblood99 05:00, December 5, 2011 (UTC)