Accumula Town is basic with a Pokémon Center, residence, and a population.


{ Accumula Town }

Prof. Juniper is standing outside the Pokemon Center; 
go talk to her and she'll lead you inside and show 
you around. Heal your Pokemon (you're forced to) and 
let her show you around some more, then you'll be 
able to exit. I'd recommend saving first, though.

Going outside, you'll see some people moving towards 
a crowd to the left. Follow them to enter the crowd 
yourself with Cheren and then you get to see a speech 
from the evil team of Black and White, Team Plasma. 

Once he leaves with his group of grunts, the crowd 
will dissipate, leaving you, Cheren and one other 
person behind. This person will come to you and 
introduce himself as "N", then challenge you to a 

{ Battles }

{ N }

{ Purrloin  LvL:7}

N will leave after the fight, then after some more 
talking Cheren will too and we've finally got the run 
of the place at last. I would start by healing your 
starter; just go back in the Pokemon Center and do so.
Bianca will have somehow snuck out of there without 
being seen by you; I do love how every NPC in Pokemon 
is capable of teleportation!

Outside the Pokemon Center, go to the top left house 
in the city, go upstairs and talk to the guy to 
receive a Poke Ball. Exit that house and then go to 
the one in the top right; you'll be able to oversee 
Route 2 as you go there.

That's all Accumula Town offers, so head left out of 
the town, into Route 2.